Boulder Gulch

This is a hardcore alpine adventure ride. Not to be taken lightly because of the remoteness, elevation, and exposure to lightning. Usually done as shuttle from velocity basin.

Its a little tricky find the best route up out of velocity but after leaving the basin it gets better. Steep climbing is the name of the game with some hike a bike. If it looks like dark clouds are moving in, get the hell down, lightning strikes are very common up here.

The top part of the descent is mainly natural wildflower meadows with the occasional rock carin to look out for. About 1/3 down, the trail is more defined. The last 1/3 of the trail is well established, fast, and flowy.

Makes for a long/ steep out and back from the Animas River side.

Don’t trespass down into the mine property below the bottom creek crossing. Stay high and follow a road back to the edge of Silverton.

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