Almost exactly 5 years ago we founded Silverton Singletrack Society based on a dream that what is commonly known as Boulder Mountain would be a great place for mountain bike trails. It has been an interesting and challenging journey for sure. Too many meetings, emails, and phone calls. Not enough time doing actual trail work, which was what we really wanted to do to begin with. But we have learned a lot and built some great relationships along the way. Today is another milestone on our quest to turn this dream into reality. This morning we presented the plan that IMBA put together for us to the San Juan County Commissioners. They helped pay for it, so we thought they should see it first. And now you can too. It may seem big and bold at first glance, but we think it’s realistic and are committed to turning it into reality. If you want to help, please sign up for a membership, buy some swag, and/or consider donating to the cause.



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