IMBA Trail Solutions Visit – Day 1

Snow wasn't exactly part of the plan for our visit with IMBA Trail Solutions, but it came in handy on occasion. Here Joey Klein is using it to enlighten us on hubs and clusters trail systems.

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Thank You San Juan County

Today was a big day for the future of mountain biking in Silverton. We have long been dreaming of a trail network on Boulder Mountain and recently reached out to IMBA to see what it would cost to get their Trail Solutions crew here to do a feasibility study. Yesterday...

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Boulder Gulch Work Day

We had a great time working on the Boulder Gulch trail yesterday. Here Jim from the BLM is giving us some training on how to get water off the tread surface to halt trail erosion. Thanks to everyone that came out to lend a hand. If you didn't make it this time, we...

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