Baker’s Park Concept Plan

Almost exactly 5 years ago we founded Silverton Singletrack Society based on a dream that what is commonly known as Boulder Mountain would be a great place for mountain bike trails. It has been an interesting and challenging journey for sure. Too many meetings,...

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Trails Plan Approved Unanimously

The 2019 Silverton Area Trails Plan was approved with unanimous support from Town and County in front of a full house. Thanks to everyone who participated in the process during the past year. There were a lot of meetings along the way and it was great to see such...

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Rainbow Trail

This is a mixed singletrack and doubletrack (mostly singletrack) trail that runs from Silverton up to the bottom of Ophir pass. This trail is great as an out-and-back, with a fun descent back into Silverton or as a link to Ophir Pass. Varied conditions exist here...

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Bear Creek

Old pack trail that is used by bikers and hardrock 100 racers occasionally. Highly recommended to start from the CT and go down. Top part is pretty overgrown with alpine willow. A bit of traversing and climbing takes you to a hunting camp in the beautiful putnam...

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Boulder Gulch

This is a hardcore alpine adventure ride. Not to be taken lightly because of the remoteness, elevation, and exposure to lightning. Usually done as shuttle from velocity basin. Its a little tricky find the best route up out of velocity but after leaving the basin it...

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